Alfie’s Story

Hi, my name is Alfie, I think you might be interested in my story. I am an 8yr old male living in Chester UK. My mum and dad took me home in May last year after being in kennels for quite a while.

When they came for me I had had a muzzle on for a long time because I used to bite [naughty. naughty boy !!] As soon as my new dad saw it he took it off straight away because he said he wouldn`t like one on all the time. We went for a walk for about 20 mins in the woods and I kept looking up at him not being too sure of him. Well, after a while I thought Hey! this ain`t so bad. We went back to his car and he had left the hatchback open, good job because I jumped in, got in the corner and went to sleep!! He shut it and the man at the kennels said It looks like you have made your mind up to keep Alfie. Dad said no! Alfie’s made his own mind up.

So off we went HOME. I slept all the way with my head on Mum`s lap. She is soft as a can of dog food !!  The next morning the sun was shining and I heard the word BRUSH!!  Dad [Terry] had been warned not to brush me without my muzzle on as I would DEFINITELY bite him. No muzzle in sight out came a big rug and TWO brushes!!  He layed me down and brushed me from head to tail for nearly 4hrs, brilliant. Then mum had a go. I’ve never felt so much like a sammy for such a long time, I felt really good. Really I`m surprised that they took me home because I’ve been a really naughty boy for a long time but I’m trying to forget that part of my past. I know mum and dad have had a sammy before because they call me Jasmine sometimes, but I don’t mind because I know they love me to bits. I get a brush every day now, really good grub (PRAWNS/SALMON/TURKEY/CHICKEN), I lead a real dog’s life!!

Hope my story hasn’t been too long,


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