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Sasha’s Story In March 2005 I made a long journey in several cars with some very kind people to my new home. My new Mum and Dad were delighted to see me. They had just recently talked to Brenda about sharing their home with a Samoyed. Two years earlier their beloved Snowy had died. Having eventually… Continue Reading

Storm’s Story Mum, Barney the Westie & I drove 3 hours to meet Storm. Nervous? Yes! Excited? You bet! Was I disappointed? ‘Course not! Storm is a Samoyed & they are many things but NEVER a disappointment. Storm is a 9-year old big hairy mass of love. At first, he was quiet & seemed scared,… Continue Reading

Charlie’s Diary Entry One I will start from where I can remember. Saturday 14th July. Mum and Dad have taken me to Runswick Bay. I have had a lovely walk on the beach; we have had lunch in the pub (well Mum and Dad have). We have sat on the beach and had a nice time… Continue Reading

Charlie’s Story My name is Charlie blue and oh boy, am I a right Charlie. My name before was Baldra and am I glad they changed it. I lived in Blackpool with my owner and my brother Valdra. My owner did love us but was a student in the daytime and a dancer a night. We… Continue Reading

Rally Report – 13th May 2012   A huge “thank you” to everyone who supported us and contributed, with their dogs, to make this event another happy and relaxed fun day. Without you, we would not have a rally. It was lovely to see the people who had made long journeys from Scotland, Essex and… Continue Reading

Kyra’s Story My name is Kyra and a lady called Brenda picked me up from the kennels, they hadn’t been too kind to me there and had teased me with a sweeping brush. I went to live with a family; my new master was to be a nine-year-old boy. We went to the beach for a… Continue Reading

Spirit’s Story Hello, My name is Spirit and I am four years old. I was brought to the Society as my owner was not looking after me properly. I was being fed leftover human food and I was not on a suitable diet and was overweight due to the lack of exercise I was getting.… Continue Reading

Shadow’s Story This lovely boy, Shadow, was found walking the streets of a large Midlands city and initially re-homed to a lovely family who already had a rescued Samoyed and another, smaller dog. Unfortunately, Shadow did not get on with the small dog and to restore sanity a new home had to be quickly found. He… Continue Reading

Tara’s Story Meet Tara! She was rescued by the “Friends of the Animals” group from a Welsh puppy farm where she was being used indiscriminately as a breeding bitch – her last litter being from an English Sheepdog! Not surprisingly, she was in a very poor state and was taken to an interim point at… Continue Reading

The Story of Bonnitta and Po Bonnitta came to me late October 2011.  Much mystery surrounded her and of her past and why she needed to be re-homed.  She is a lovely natured dog and we think she is about 6 years of age. Bonnitta settled in quickly to her new home and has been… Continue Reading