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More news of Storm

It’s getting very cold and snowy up here. I’ve been taking Storm up to Scotland to get him used to being out and about far from home, staying in strange places, and seeing if he enjoys the hills. Well, it been a huge success and he is becoming so fit now, that we’ve been tackling some easy hills. There has been a lot of snow and ice so it is quite challenging up there! Anyway, Storm loves being out on the hills and has yesterday climbed his first Munro. I’m so proud of him! It is a month ahead of the fitness training schedule I’d put together back in June.

Ben Chonzie in Perthshire is a hill I know very well and have been up several times in deep snow and ice, so I was reasonably confident we would have no problems. Storm went straight up the track – despite very icy surfaces – I had to stick to the snow and heather as I often couldn’t manage the track! As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful day, and he was very comfortable and relaxed – often yelling at me to hurry up when I was pausing to take photos! He is such a great companion on these trips and has learnt so much about how to behave on the hills. I always put him on the lead with livestock, and the rest of the time, he’s off lead to reduce strain on his body. He trots along close to me, occasionally wandering off a little for a sniff or a drink of mountain water: he has turned into a proper mountain dog. Such a good boy too.

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