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Lulu’s Story

I can’t remember my very first owners now but for some reason five years ago I found myself in Leigh Cats and Dogs Home. Eventually, I was adopted from the home by a lady who called me Sasha. Unfortunately, I was young and a bit of a handful then and she couldn’t cope with me, so she gave me away to another nice lady who loved me for four years, she renamed me Lulu but then she got very sick. My long walks became a thing of the past and with her frequent hospital visits, I was left on my own most of the time. Soon it was her daughter Sue, who would call at my flat to feed me and make a fuss of me for an hour, but she had other dogs and there was no room for me in her home. So I waited in my flat all alone, I was missing my mum and longed for her company again.



Then one day Sue told me my mum would never be coming home again and she was going to ask a lady called Brenda to help me find another new home. That was Sunday night the 8th September 2013. Monday morning came and Sue told me that Brenda had found me a family that might be able to help me and were on their way to see me. Sue waited with me in the communal gardens of the flats, a car pulled up and two people came towards me smiling, I liked them straight away. They made a fuss of me and then talked to Sue, then the man went back to his car and I followed him to the gate, it was then that I first saw him he was so handsome, the man said Kai, this is Lulu, we sniffed noses and other bits and I just knew we would be friends forever. I tried to keep up with him running and playing on the grass but the months of no exercise and bad food were showing on me so I just sat down and watched, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Then they got up and I heard Sue say please don’t feel you have to take her, they said no we are happy to take Lulu, I went willingly with them and I didn’t look back. That afternoon my life changed and I went to my new home.
When I arrived, there was another member of the family waiting for me and she had just lost her best friend another Sammy called Katie after 16 years. She was just like me missing that someone, I knew then it was fate that I had come to this home. That afternoon I was taken to the vet and weighed because I had got very fat and I’m ashamed to say I weighed 37 kilos, Kai is only 26 kilos but then he is an athlete. While I was there I got my nails done because they were so long they curled right under and were sticking back into my pads and it hurt when I walked. The next day I went to the beauty parlour because my coat was very matted and in need of some attention.  Now six weeks later I have lost 4 kilos, I can jump into the back of the car, walk right around the woods where I now live and chase Kai a bit. And we have our rough and tumble twice a day which then leads to us falling asleep together. My coat is now brushed regularly and I just won 1st prize at the dog show which was a fun day at the caravan park which is my second home. I have just been on the beach and in the sea for the very first time with my dad.
I’m very happy now, well my tail never stops waging anyway and I’m treated like a princess, there is always a cuddle available and I’m now never alone, it’s taken a long time to find my bit of heaven –my forever home, but I’m there now.