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Gem’s Story

Hello, my name is Gem and Brenda arranged for my new mum and dad to adopt me earlier this year. Dad fetched me from Devon,

I travelled all the way to Hampshire sat on the front seat of the car, checking out the scenery and listening to my dad telling me about where I was going to live. I have a whole new family now, there are 3 more dogs here….Lexie is like my older sister, a bit bossy but ok, Miko who I think is about the same age as me (about 18 months), we play lovely noisy games together and Izzy who is only a baby – I can boss her about.

There is also something called a cat that I am not allowed to chase, not ever! We have all just been on holiday together (not the cat) and I thought it was all very exciting, especially when Brenda and John came to visit me. I and Izzy were very clever when they got out of their car, we jumped in and found the bag of treats they had brought for us! It was even more exciting when lots of cows walked past the garden, I talked to them but they ignored me and just walked on by. Very rude, I thought. Silly baby Izzy was scared of them and she hid behind mum.

My mum says I can be quite hard work sometimes, she reckons having a husky (Miko) was tricky and now she has double trouble! Don’t know what she means, I am positively angelic! When me and Miko go for walks together lots of people want to stop and talk to us, one time a man came running out of his house just to talk to me! He said I was beautiful so I sat on his feet and smiled at him.

Dad calls me his cuddle dog and likes me to look my best all the time, so mum has to brush me lots so he doesn’t see how messy and dirty I get sometimes.

Anyway, I am very happy in my new home with my new family……..I tell them I love them all the time!

Here are some pictures of me. I hope you enjoy them







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