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Oliver’s Story

Hello, I’m Oliver. Thank you for coming to read my story.

Unlike a lot of my friends at the Samoyed Rescue Society, I wasn’t ill-treated or neglected. My old owner looked after me well so I was heart-broken when he had to move into sheltered accommodation and couldn’t take me with him. I was so upset that when I was collected I didn’t bark or anything in the car on my way to my new owner. I didn’t know what to expect but I needn’t have worried.

My new owner is lovely! She has had Samoyeds for ages so she knew just what to expect and I soon settled down and felt loved and secure again.

We went to the Samoyed Rescue Rally in May and I had a wonderful time. I won a rosette and a great big cup. I’ve also been away on holiday with my new owners and that was really good.

Here are some pictures of me. I hope you enjoy them.

Holly’s Story Ok, where do I start….at the very beginning I suppose, it would make sense (my mum says I’m the original blonde so don’t do sense very often, or very well) Well, my name is Holly and my mum and dad think that I’m about 4 years old now. I originally came from a place… Continue Reading