Charlie’s Diary Entry One

I will start from where I can remember.
Saturday 14th July.
Mum and Dad have taken me to Runswick Bay. I have had a lovely walk on the beach; we have had lunch in the pub (well Mum and Dad have). We have sat on the beach and had a nice time watching the world go by.

runswick bay


Saturday 21st July
Today we have decided to go to Lathkil Dale in Derbyshire. I do like the river there; it’s crystal clear and just right for a drink and a dip.

lathkill dale

Saturday 28th July
Today Mum and Dad have taken me to Runswick Bay. Mum noticed something wrong with the car we stopped at the garage, they were very nice and they let me go into the showroom to wait for it to be fixed. Mum and Dad had a coffee and I had a nice bowl of water. Soon we were on our way. We had a walk on the beach: I like the streams.

walk on the beach
We had a picnic for lunch on the beach. We then had a drive to Staithes and Saltburn-by-Sea, where I had a play in the stream. We went back to Runswick Bay for some tea. I slept all the way home.

Saturday 11th August
Today we went back to Lathkil Dale. It was warm today, but I managed to keep cool by dipping in the river.
We found a nice place to sit outside and see over the dale. It was nice and cool, so I had forty winks!
Sunday 12th August
My Dad was running in a 10k race today (silly Daddy) and it finished at Cannon Hall. There was no way I was running, but I went to cheer him on at the finish line with Mum, Nana and Granddad.
We had a picnic and a lovely walk around the grounds. I tried to get to the ducks, but my Mum wouldn’t let me.
It always takes us a long time to walk anyway, because people want to stop me for a stroke and a chat to my Mum and Dad. I like to have a stroke and can sit there all day if I get cuddled!
Sunday 19th August
Today is a special day Mum and Dad are going to stay in the hotel in Lathkil Dale as it’s their 14th wedding anniversary. Would you believe they are taking me with them? It’s my first stay in a hotel. We have had a nice time by the river. The room was good: I could see the sheep from the bedroom window!

I got lots of attention during breakfast; everyone wanted to fuss me. We went for a very long walk to a place called Monyash.

On the way home, we called into Bakewell, but I was quite tired and tried throwing myself on the floor and refusing to walk. Lots of people thought it was very funny, I do this sometimes when I want my own way! I did eventually get to the coffee shop for forty winks.
Saturday 25th August
This weekend was very busy: I visited lots of places and stayed in two hotels.
Today we went to Skipton. It was raining when we got there, so we went to a coffee shop. I sat in the window and got lots of attention! We had a walk around the castle and I went in all the rooms. I had a ride on the canal barge and made friends with a lady, who fussed me for the whole trip. We had a picnic in the car because it rained. We called to a very old pub in Appletreewick and all the walkers were very wet. This time I was dry (for a change)!
We went straight to our hotel, which was very nice. I even got a doggy bag. They made me feel right at home.

right at home
I was allowed in the hotel bar and kept the children from the wedding party entertained. Their Mummy said it was the quietest they had been all day!

Sunday 20th August
Today we did a very nice walk in Ingleton. We saw lots of waterfalls, but got very, very wet! We all looked like drowned rats, but I didn’t mind.

We then went to our second hotel, which my Mum told me had been on the tele. I don’t watch it, so I don’t know. We were in the Lake District and the hotel was called the Damson Dene Hotel. Everyone was very nice and there were lots of other dogs. I got attention from everyone and Mum and Dad spoke to a lot of people. They all wanted to know what my name was and how they keep me clean!
Monday 27th August
I went on a boat, a train and a bus today. It rained all day!
It was a very wet morning, but we still wanted to have fun. We visited Bowness-on-Windermere first and we went to a coffee shop. The lady said that she does not normally let dogs in, but she made an exception for me.
My Mum wanted to go on a boat trip on the lake, but I didn’t mind. I spent most of it sleeping. Nobody knew I was under the table until I got up and everybody pointed at me. We got off the boat and had a ride on a steam train. There was not much to look at where we stopped, but I had to get off because I needed a wee! We left Dad on the train and luckily we got back on before it left without us. We had another boat trip to Ambleside, but it was very wet.

We caught the open-top bus back to Bowness and we sat on the top deck. I liked being in the open air, but I didn’t like the stairs. We had tea in Bowness and I slept all the way home (again!).

Saturday 1st September
Today we went to Lathkil Dale again. We took Nana and Granddad to show them one of my favourite places. We also went Monsal Dale.

We sat outside the coffee shop and had a lovely view.

Sunday 2nd September
Dad was running in another race today in Sheffield, but there was nowhere nice for me to go and watch him. Nana and Granddad were too tired, but my Mum wanted to go to Wentworth. She was very excited because there was a vintage car rally and they had opened the grounds to the special house. We always walk past the house and my mum always wants to go into the grounds, but you are not allowed.
My Mum parked right on the grounds, but I decided that I did not want to walk across the road. I threw myself on the floor and rolled on my back. I only got up when Mum let me go the other way. We walked through the village, but I stropped and threw myself down. I was missing my pack (Dad, Nana and Granddad), but Mum eventually got me to the grounds. We sat outside the house in a nice cool spot. I sat on a stone pedestal and Mum thought I looked like a lion. I got lots of attention, almost as much as the cars! I must be in lots of photos.
Saturday 8th September
Today we went to Malham, it was very nice. We went on a big walk and I had lots of dips in the water. The streams are lovely here, they are crystal clear and I can paddle. I don’t like to go too deep and I get scared if I can’t touch the bottom.
I have seen a few waterfalls. I like Janet’s Foss, but it is noisy!
I had to cool my feet in the river at Malham Cove.

cooling my feet


Sunday 9th September
Today we went to see my Mum and Dad’s nieces. We met them at the seaside in north Wales. We have found a lovely beach called Morfa Conwy. It is my second visit here and I like the dunes and beach. There is a nice marina, with some very posh boats. My Mum says that she would like to buy one and go sailing, but Dad says that they have no pennies and I might fall in!
I helped the girls make sand castles. I like to dig holes to get some cool sand. Sometimes I dig too close to Mum and Dad and I make their chairs fall over.
Saturday 15th September
Mum and Dad are going to stay with some friends tonight, so to make up for leaving me they have taken me to Malham again. I like it there, as there are lots of streams and things for me to do. We have been to Goredale Scar. There are lots of sheep there and I would love to get near one, but Mum and Dad won’t let me.

gordale scar

We also went to a nice lake, called Malham Tarn. I went for a paddle and had a splash in the stream.

malham tarn
I slept all the way home and then went to sleep at my Nana and Granddads. I like to stay with my Nana and Granddad, but I always like it when my Mum and Dad come to pick me up.

Saturday 22nd September
Mum and Dad went to see some friends in Chester, but I didn’t get invited. I don’t mind because I got to stay with my Nana and Granddad again. I got really excited when my Mum and Dad came back the next day.

Tuesday 25th September
Today I have had a nice local walk with my Mum, Granddad and Taz. Taz is my mums’ sisters dog, she stays at Nana and Granddad’s lots we are very good friends. We managed to get home just before it started to rain.
Wednesday 26th September
Today I have been to Wentworth with Mum, Nana, Granddad and Taz. We have had a look at the big house and have called to the garden centre

Thursday 27th September
Today I have had a walk to Wortley Hall with Mum, Nana, Granddad and Taz. I like to sit outside and have a rest while everyone has a coffee. Tazzie and I really like the gardens here. There are some nice, cool woods and I sometimes get muddy!

Friday 28th September
Today mum and her friend Val have taken me for a walk to the pub in the next village for lunch. I have had lots and lots of attention. The old ladies have fallen in love with me.

Saturday 29th September
The weather is getting cooler now and I have lots of energy. We went for a nice walk around Dam Flask reservoir.

We all like it here. There are lots of places for me to have a dip and lots of people stop us to say hello and fuss me. When we had finished our walk we went for lunch. They liked me in the village pub, but I barked when we were going home and made some people jump! I am usually very quiet for a Sammy, but I always like to bark when we are going home.

Sunday 30th September.
I had a trip to Sheffield today. I waited with Dad outside Meadowhall, while Mum got a present. A lady came to stroke me and got covered in my white hair. She was wearing black, so she had to stand and clean herself up before she went shopping.
We then went to Graves Park and I had a whale of a time in the water and in the woods. I tried to chase a squirrel, but my Mum wouldn’t let me. They are no fun sometimes. We walked through the farm and as usual, I had to bark at the animals. The geese quacked at me and the deer stalked me all the way past its pen.
I sat on the bench while my Mum and dad had a coffee.

having coffee


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