Charlie’s Story

My name is Charlie blue and oh boy, am I a right Charlie. My name before was Baldra and am I glad they changed it. I lived in Blackpool with my owner and my brother Valdra. My owner did love us but was a student in the daytime and a dancer a night. We were 8 months old and were getting quite big: no longer two little fluffy puppies! We were spending lots of time in the garage playing on our own or being looked after at the kennels. Our owner got in touch with a lady called Brenda. Brenda received a phone call from a lady called Louise.

Louise had called to let her know that Kyra, her beloved Samoyed, also rescued by Brenda had been put to sleep that morning as he had cancer. Good old Brenda and the lady she is always thinking about us dogs, bravely asked if they were thinking of getting another one. She mentioned us (Baldra & Valdra) and Louise and Phil said yes. Brenda said: ”we will let you have the boisterous one as you have the experience”.

So that was that and one week later mum and dad arrived in Blackpool to pick me up. Mum and dad thought a tornado had hit them. I loved to do the wall of death around the settee. I enjoyed cocking my leg up and weeing on the coffee table (even when dad was watching) got my balls chopped off for it though so wasn’t that clever. I weed on mums rugs and chewed most of my mum and dads shoes. I was also nocturnal and thought I was going to sleep upstairs. I loved to run up and bounce on mums head while she was asleep, but that didn’t last long either and I soon realised and settled downstairs.

Just arrived getting to know my daddy

Mum bought me a basket, but it was too small!

I had only been with mum and dad 3 weeks when they took me on my first holiday to Combe Martin

On the beach in Combe Martin.

.I had a fantastic time I loved rolling in the sand and paddling in the sea. Mum and dad took me for weekends away and lots of day trips.
My Nanan and Granddad looked after me while mum and dad are working. Mum and dad often go on holiday to Cornwall and have made friends with my brother now called Rudy and his Mum and dad: Sarah and John. We have been to their house and boy was that good to catch up with my brother. We have also all been to the beach together.


This is me and my brother on my first visit to Cornwall to see him (that’s me on the left).

Rudy giving me a cuddle

A lady visited our house lots over the last year mum and dad are now going to be foster carers. In March Jessica age 18 months and Cameron age 5 came to live with us.


Jessica loved to cuddle me.

This is me and Iggle Piggle on holiday in Dawlish.

I sometimes steal their toys and take them into my garden and chew them up. I really love the children living here Cameron makes me play school and do story time. Jess kisses me every morning when she gets up and every time she leaves the house. We have had a holiday in Devon and Cornwall, Rudy, Sarah and John visited us and John looked after me at their house while mum and dad took Cameron and jess to the Sea Life Centre. Cameron and Jessica have lived with us for a year now but it has been decided they are to go and live with their Nana and granddad. I loved my little pack and often don’t want to walk with my mum or granddad on their own, so mum has to rally the pack together now for daily walks. I have had a very busy summer long weekends away, day trips and long family walks. Maybe I will have my own online diary to let you know where I have been.

I do some very cheeky things!



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