Daisy’s Story

In the Spring of 2006, just after my fifth birthday, the family I had lived with since I was a puppy took me to see a Vet called Dave and told him that they could no longer cope with me so could he put me to sleep.   Well, I did not feel a bit like sleeping and Dave seemed very nice so as he was shaving my leg I looked up and gave him my best smile.   He stopped, patted me on the head, and said he would ask my family if I could stay with him for a few days.   They obviously said yes because he took me to the back of the surgery and put me into a kennel.   While I was there Dave and a pretty young nurse called Karen regularly came and fussed over me

A couple of days later a kindly lady called Brenda came to see me and said she wanted me to meet some people.   I walked quietly outside with her and I could see she had tears in her eyes as she stroked me and told me what a beautiful girl I was. The couple must have thought so too because they said I was to go home with them to a place called Wales.

Spring 2006

The next day I was taken to see another Vet who looked me over, cut my nails, and said that I was overweight (what a cheek!!).   Anyway after that my new mistress took me for lots of walks and my new master (who didn’t like walking) took me for rides in the car which I liked better.    Gradually I got fitter and slimmer and I began to love going exploring in the woods, paddling in lakes and best of all chasing squirrels in the Park.

In The Park

In The Woods

In September the three of us travelled back to the Tamworth area where I used to live and we met Brenda again and lots of other dogs just like me.   Guess what!!  I won a cup for being the best bitch in the show, Wow were we proud!!  Before going home we called to see Dave and Karen and they were really pleased to see me looking so fit and happy.   Both have now left that Veterinary Practice, but I still get a Christmas Card from Karen.

At The Rally 2006

The next day my new master went for a trip in an aeroplane with his friend.   It was very late that night when there was a knock on the door and a man in a uniform came in and said something about a mountain and a crash.   After he had gone my mistress put her arms around me and said it was just me and her from now on and we had to look after each other.

Sometimes we go and stay with Kizi who lives in Somerset and sometimes she comes to stay with us.   Kizi was a pup when I first met her and all she wants to do is kiss me.

With Eloise

At The Rally With Eloise

In 2010 I started to have problems with my leg and in the Autumn I was taken to Liverpool University Small Animal Hospital to have an operation on my cruciate ligament.   Perhaps it was a good job that for many weeks my walking had to be restricted for I could hardly face going out with one shaven leg and a big blue bandage on my tail.

After The Operation

We made several trips to Liverpool for them to check on my progress and on the last occasion we stayed the night in a lovely small hotel which had peacocks in the garden and a big lake with ducks on it.  Unfortunately, I was made to stay on a lead – I would have liked to have been able to chase the ducks and have a paddle!!

In North Wales

These days I get taken to a Dog Spa where I have to go into a glass case to which they add water and then start up the treadmill and expect me to walk.   It is a good job I like water.

At Hydrotherapy

I think I now walk quite well and my mistress must think so too for I once again walk the cycle track, go exploring in the woods, go to the Park where I can romp amongst the bluebells, paddle in the stream and, of course, chase those blessed squirrels.

Amongst The Bluebells

For this year’s Rescue Show I had my usual wash and brush up and my mistress had her hair cut too.  We both must have looked really smart for I won the Best Groomed Class and together we came away with the new Jean Jackson Memorial Cup for the best turned-out dog and owner.

I am now 10 years old and think I have been very lucky for I have always been well looked after by both my previous and present owner.  Unfortunately not every dog has been as fortunate and often there are Samoyeds just like me hoping to be adopted by a new family who will love them and make them as happy as I have been.

In The Garden 2007

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