Grace’s Story

My name is Grace and I was rehomed in June. I love it with my new family there is Mum, Dad and Jessica, Alexandra, Daniel and Evangeline plus my friend called Taz.  He was rehomed like me.

It’s lovely living here. I go out every day for walks with Taz and we both play out in the garden, we have the run of the house which is lovely as I like to follow mummy around. She is busy with the school run twice a day but always has time for me and Taz. The children are lovely with us too and when we go out for walks the children ride their bikes but the baby is in the buggy.

I have settled in really well and love my family so much, even though I have chewed a few things. Mummy is so patient with me. It’s so nice to be home with my family. I get really excited going out in the car that I bark because it is exciting. So many new places and lots of relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles, granny and grandad.

The picture is of Taz, Jessica and me.

Lots of love



Grace’s update

Well, this past year with Grace has been very eventful. She was 4 Saturday 25th June and escaped on her birthday, Pete (hubby) drove down the road and saw her, wound down the window and shouted at her, she looked then decided to run in the opposite direction. Pete parked the car and got out and ran after her, he saw a couple walking their dog and shouted grab her, please. They grabbed her, Pete then picked her up and carried her home. He got back and put her on the floor, I said shall I go and get the ca,r he said between huffing and puffing no, I need to cool down as I am so hot. He went off and I just laughed I couldn’t help myself.

In the past year she has escaped 3 times, one time was on my birthday, I had been letting her off regularly and she has a brilliant recall, anyway I let her off and she legged it, meanwhile hubby was cooking me a steak with peppercorn sauce and all the trimmings, I eventually found her after an hour and a half and a couple of phone calls later.

She has chewed shoes belts my 2 leather settees which have been repaired and now get regularly sprayed with bitter apple spray, she hates the taste of that I am pleased to say. At times I have been at my wit’s end, but we still love her and she is slowly getting better. She loves the beach, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Taz still puts her in her place every now and again. She still loves her tug of war game with Daniel. She has cost us a lot of money but you go with it. Smiles all round we say. Even though Samoyed’s can be hard work rescue or otherwise they bring lots of joy and happiness, they can be naughty, escaping which brings worry and upset. But once you get them back give them a talking to and after a while you do have a giggle over it. So all in all Grace is still a rascal but so much fun.

Lisa Vyvyan

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