Holly’s Story

Ok, where do I start….at the very beginning I suppose, it would make sense (my mum says I’m the original blonde so don’t do sense very often, or very well)

Well, my name is Holly and my mum and dad think that I’m about 4 years old now. I originally came from a place called Ireland, but as I wasn’t very happy there please excuse me if that’s all I say. After a few months RnR and being looked after wonderfully by Julie and Bill and their 5 sams, I came to live in beautiful sunny Cornwall with mum (Jane) dad (mac or Ian) he’ll answer to both, James and Connor and my very bestest friend (even though she’s a cat) in the whole wide world, Tinks. Until last summer there was Sascha too, she was very old, 14 ½, but sadly she died in her daddy’s arms. The house was very sad and quiet then. My mum says that me being here made it so much easier after Sascha went to the Rainbow Bridge.

I love being here in Cornwall, I get to go to the beach, now that I know how to behave (sort of and sometimes) in the car, I can’t help it, I just get so excited I have to bark to tell them so. I’ve been all the way to a place with very funny accents; dad said it was Scotland, where I made lots of new friends (of course).

My home is always busy and full of laughter, music and noise, James and Connor have lots of friends who come to visit me first, then they are allowed to see the boys!! I get to play with Tinks, when she will let me, we chase each other about and although she tries very hard, she cant get through my thick fur (haha) Because I have a poorly hip I get lots of little walks, mum says its good for her too, keeping her fit.

Earlier this year even down here we had snow, which I thought was great fun. The boys took me to the park and threw snowballs at each other and I barked because I could and because I was so happy. But obviously, I didn’t chase them, because I’m too posh to chase balls! (that’s what mum says anyway).

So that’s my little story. I’m now a fully fledged Cornish Maid and here I intend to stay with my family…just 1 thing missing…another Sammy to make my life complete would be wonderful…so if you know of any looking for a loving wonderful home, I can highly recommend the one I’ve got!

Bye for now

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