JayJay’s Story

Hello, my name is JayJay.
I was re-homed nearly 5 years ago and live happily now with my new family: Mum and Dad, Raymond, Anita and Sandra.They have had three Samoyeds previously so know how to look after me as they have all been extremely well trained by Cleo, Sammy and Danny.  I enjoy being spoiled but on my terms of course!

My fur coat feels comfortable now that it has grown back and isn’t shaved off anymore and I love it when I walk out and can feel the breeze passing through it.

It’s great living here where I appreciate the simple things: access to fresh water 24/7, regular meals, comfy clean beds, lots of attention when I want it and going for walks every day, and in between I can be indoors or go into the garden to sit, lie-down or play as I choose.  I particularly like to keep watch for George (the ginger tom cat from next door) to make sure he doesn’t sneak into my garden as he likes to chase the birds.   He isn’t very clever and doesn’t know that’s my job as well as seeing off the squirrels from the bird tables which my family keeps well stocked with a variety of seeds, fat cake and nuts.

During the summer months, we go to our caravan where I can be outside from dawn till dusk (if I choose) in the shade under the trees watching for anything and everything that moves so that I can bark at it.  Even when I’m inside the awning I have an excellent view of everyone passing by.  My Mum says I sleep more when I’m in the caravan.  I don’t think she understands that it’s hard work keeping watch on every human being and K9 insight, and in any event, I’m only pretending to be asleep…I’m always ready to go for a walk.

A couple of years ago, I was dashing out of the house into the back garden to chase the birds when I slipped on the wet grass.  I was taken immediately to see John, the vet: he’s very caring, reassuring and softly spoken.  After a very careful and thorough examination, John kindly arranged for me to go into hospital.  It was a long and very painful car journey.   Everyone at the hospital tried to cheer me up but I really didn’t like being separated from my family and thought they had abandoned me.  But then after a week or so when they came to see me and it was decided I could go home I was delighted.  I thought I knew before the accident but now know for sure that my family loves me.

I now have regular check-ups with John with whom I know I’m in safe hands.  The damage to my spine is permanent which is a nuisance as I can’t walk or chase like I used to.  Nevertheless, as Pack Leader I still exercise my assertiveness and ‘ask’ to go for a walk twice each day albeit short ones nowadays due to arthritis which further hinders my mobility, but, the walks give me the opportunity to catch up with my K9 friends when sometimes we meet in the nearby field or in the local woods.

I would like to say a huge and sincere THANK YOU to Brenda for rescuing me from a place where I wasn’t wanted and I certainly wasn’t happy.  Brenda, you are a star.

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