Kato’s Story

I’m not sure how I old I am as I’ve never had a birthday party, and my beginning wasn’t very good, so if you don’t mind I’ll start my story from when some very nice people in a white van took me away from where I was staying, I wasn’t very happy there, I didn’t get brushed at all, my teeth weren’t cleaned and I had rummaged through bins to get food. Anyway they took me to a lovely man called Colin who brushed me, and brushed me and brushed me some more, it took 3 days to sort out my coat, but I did feel good afterwards. Then I had to go to the vet, he took out quite a lot of my teeth as they were so painful, so I was a lot happier after that too. Colin wanted to keep me, but he couldn’t, so then I went on the longest car journey all the way down to a place they called Exeter, where my new dad and James picked me up with my new friend Holly, blimey she can’t half jump around a bark a bit! One deep bark from me put her in her place though, but not for long haha.

My new mum was waiting for me when I got home, boy can she hug! I didn’t think she’d let me go! Then I met my best buddy Connor. I quickly settled into a routine of barking early in the mornings just to let them know I was still there, for some reason, they didn’t seem to like that too much.  But once I learned that I got a bit of breakfast and then a good walk in the mornings I soon stopped.  My new family have taken me to lots of places, the beaches, the sea, the moors, and I love them all, I love it best in the winter when I can go on all the beaches and bark at the naughty, noisy seagulls and the big crashing waves, I bark all the time just to let them know I’m around!

I love to play with Holly, and let her know when I’ve had enough. I’ve dug 3 big holes in dad’s garden all perfect for lying in and keeping out of the hot sun that they get down here in Cornwall. But dad wasn’t very impressed with the lovely one I dug for him in the middle of the veg patch (shouldn’t have left the gate open then should he)? Or the one right in front of the shed, which he fell in, in the dark…oh, Holly did giggle at that, so did mum, he didn’t though. But the best times are with my mate Connor, he’s just great, he takes me places with his friends, they’re all my friends too now. He’s always got time for a quick walk, or throw of the ball, I don’t fetch it I just run to it, pick it up and chew it as best I can…I’m a Samoyed, I don’t do fetch!

Dad has to go away sometimes for his work, and mum gets a bit sad, so me and Holly do our best to cheer her up, she says it works just by being us, I’m glad that I can make her happy like they’ve made me.

Just recently though, I was feeling a bit rough and not me, so mum took me to see Tony the Vet, he quickly saw that I have an Anal Furunculosis. It’s not very nice at all, and my mum got all upset, but I have some injections (if Tony can get through all my fur) and I may have to have some operations, but mum says that’s what they pay insurance for.

So all things considered, I’m glad the RSPCA decided that I shouldn’t stay where I was. I love my new life and home, yes even Holly! Although they do talk with a funny accent down here!

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