Kyra’s Story

My name is Kyra and a lady called Brenda picked me up from the kennels, they hadn’t been too kind to me there and had teased me with a sweeping brush. I went to live with a family; my new master was to be a nine-year-old boy. We went to the beach for a nice long walk I had a nice time, I had a bath and was just getting dried when I heard the fireworks, I really don’t like them they made me go mad and I bit my master. They rang Brenda and said they would not be able to keep me anymore. I then went to live in some kennels in Preston.

It wasn’t long before a man and a lady came for me. I did try to make a good first impression but as you read more of my story you will find out, I find things like that quite difficult. It was the kennel keeper’s fault for not being as careful as he should have been: he didn’t close the gate and I managed to run off into the stream chasing the geese, the owner of the kennels did manage to catch me before I did any damage. I was wet and muddy but the man and the lady still put me in their car and took me home. On the way home, they told me they were going to be my new mum and Dad. My new mum and Dad’s other Samoyed Zak had died a few months ago and they didn’t have the baby they were hoping for, so they were very excited to have me.


I settled well into my new home only problem was I wanted to be in charge, but mum and Dad had other ideas. I would get very frustrated and often bite. I was always very sorry as soon as I had done it. Mum and Dad got a trainer to help us. We all did well and I became much better. Although I was better I could never be trusted and did sometimes bite. I and my mum became very close, the babies never came and I did my job to make her feel better. Mum wanted to be a foster carer but with my temper she couldn’t, she didn’t blame me and our bond got stronger. We had trips to the seaside I loved it but drove everyone else nuts with my barking. Mum and Dad took me to Center Parcs for my holidays. Sometimes when mum took me out I would have a tantrum and refuse to go the way she was going I would jump up behind her put my paws on her waist and hop behind her and then try to trip her up. Mum didn’t find it funny but the people in the cars going by, the local garage and the two girls looking out of the window of the house laughing. I did it lots and I often heard mum telling Nan and Granddad she was sure one day she would be on YouTube. I would stay at my Nana and Granddad’s while mum and Dad were at work. My Granddad would come to pick me up from home when mum had been working nights, although mum always told me not to I couldn’t help going into her room and putting my wet nose in her face and waking her to let her know my Granddad had arrived to take me for a walk.

We soon moved to a nice house, with a big garden and a conservatory. I used to drive Mum and Dad nuts by barking at the door to come in. Every time they came to open it, I would smile and walk back in the garden. Mum and Dad fell for me every time. I just wanted to know they were still there!
I started to have an upset tummy mum took me to the vets. They thought it may be I loved my mum so much and got upset when she wasn’t there, we tried a few things but nothing seemed to work. I didn’t want to eat and didn’t want to go for any more walks. Mum and Granddad took me to the vets for an operation: I had got cancer. They removed my tumour and did some other tests. After a few days, I came home mum and Dad were very pleased. I seemed a little brighter and enjoyed having a little to eat. The day after the vets rang and said the cancer had spread to my liver and I would probably have a few days to live. The next day the vet came to our house mum, Dad, Nana, Granddad and Auntie Claire were by my side as I went off to sleep, I was only 5 ½ but had had a whale of a time for 3 years and 3 months I had with my rescue family.

Some pictures for you. I hope you enjoy them. 

Having a little sleep, feeling settled in my new home now.




Chillin on my swing



Helping (or hindering) Mum in the garden

Does this hat suit me?

I used to sneak into this bedroom for a sleep when Mum and Dad were at work.

Helping to dig the new garden

Fun in the snow

Oops – found the dirt again

At the conservatory doors and going to give Mum and Dad a shout

One of my favourite spots


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