Nanook’s Story

My name is Nanook and I am 2 years’ old.  Right now my life couldn’t be better, but it wasn’t always like this.  I spent the first very traumatic 6 months of my life shut in a cage in a pet shop until Brenda rescued me.  When Mum and Dad finally took me to my forever home they didn’t know quite what to do with me.  I was too scared to go near anyone, even them.  I didn’t know how to play.  I wasn’t house trained.  I didn’t even know how to eat out of a bowl, or if I should or should not be eating it at all, but a lovely old lady samoyed called Foxy, who lived there too, helped me and showed me just what to do.  I loved Foxy with all my heart and followed her everywhere.  She taught me all I needed to know and soon I became a happy, friendly dog, even though I am still wary of strangers and strange loud noises.  Foxy was a lovely companion to me but she was old and couldn’t play rough and tumble with me and on one terrible day, Foxy died.  I was so sad and alone.  I didn’t know how to cope.  I just laid around looking sad.

One day my Dad took me into the garden to play.  The back gate opened, I looked up and there with Mum was the most beautiful young samoyed girl who just ran straight up to me and gave me a big kiss.  The first thing we did was have a game of rough and tumble.  Her name is Mishka and she has come to live with us because her old family had fallen apart, and the dog she lived with wouldn’t let her play rough ‘n’ tumble with him either.  She is a little bit younger than me and loves all the things I love.  We play and cuddle all day long.  We are so happy together and have as much rough ‘n’ tumble as we like.

After all the heartache we both have had, this really is a dream come true for Mishka and me.  We are both loved so much and get a lot of fuss and attention.  A real-life fairytale ending and a happy ever after.  Hope you enjoy the photos of me with my best friend, Mishka.














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