Nick & Jackie’s Re-homed Samoyed’s

Tarka came from North Devon and was very poorly.  When she came to us she was around 8 years old and had recently had surgery, although we were never really sure exactly what had been wrong with her.  She was a friendly, talkative and cuddly girl, and as long as she was being made a fuss of, she was happy.  Although she was always in the vets, we never really managed to get her fit and sadly she died of pneumonia less than a year after she came to live with us.  We have always regretted not being able to make her really well after her bad start in life.

Laika came from a high rise in the Midlands, but we collected her from kennels where she had been for several months.  She was around 7 years old, was tiny and a bit underweight but very fine featured and was blessed with a beautiful coat.  She had not been abused in any way but had been a bit neglected, and was either allowed out to roam or was an escapologist since she was regularly picked up by the RSPCA and taken to the kennels.  The first few times she was collected by her owners, but finally, she was left there, and we believe the kennels contacted Brenda.

We travelled 300 miles to meet her and fell hopelessly for her at first sight.  Her carer at the kennels suggested we take her up the lane and see how we got on, but it was already a foregone conclusion that we were taking her home with us.  On arriving home she was very shy and nervous.  We contrived for Laika to meet Caspar for the first time in the woods, and then to bring them home together.  Caspar was our very big elderly bear of a Samoyed who we’d had from a pup.  Although he wasn’t really bothered by Laika’s arrival at home with us, she was visibly quaking and tended to sit in corners and behind things for the first couple of days.  She relaxed bit by bit, and revealed her hidden talent, playing ball whilst lying on her side.  It was unbelievable to us at first, but if you rolled a ball over to where she was lying, she would gently pat it back and wait for its return, for as long as anyone would play.

Laika was a joy every moment of every day.  She’d only been with us for 2 years when sadly Caspar died.  Having Laika in the family made his death more bearable, but we were devastated when she died after a short illness that autumn, having been with us just 3 years in all.  We still miss her.  She loved life, and we are so thankful for the time we shared.

We have had Mir and Kita since 2007.  They are around 11 years old now and are full of beans.  They were quite overweight when they came to us, and were not keen on exercise but slowly building the duration of their walks has got the weight off and their fitness up. Mir has had urinary incontinence since day one, but the condition is controlled with Incurin and Propalin syrup.  It’s a pricey cocktail but works really well.  Mir has survived 3 cancer operations so far and is the most lovable and gentle girl.  Due to hormonal problems, she has a dreadful coat, and it’s a constant struggle to keep her looking respectable, whereas Kita has a beautiful coat and always looks freshly washed and blow dried.  Mir is starting to show her age now, but Kita is often mistaken for an adolescent.

They are very talkative (aren’t they all) and loads of fun.  Mir is the only Samoyed we’ve had that walks perfectly to heel, and never pulls.  Kita, however, is a runaway train.  They are both at our feet now, eyes pinched shut and snoring loudly.  It doesn’t get better than this.

We’ve found taking on older dogs incredibly rewarding, but we’ve had to come to terms with saying goodbye too soon.  Although we’re comfortable that we do everything we can to give our dogs the best life they can have, there’s no escaping the wrenching sadness when it’s time to let go.

Nick & Jackie

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