Our Rally/Fun Day – 8th May 2011

WOW – what a day.  The sun shone, over 90 dogs bringing their families and friends together and a venue offering facilities for all weather eventualities and also all of our needs.  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying themselves.  This is an event where friends, through their dogs, meet up each year.

People travelled from all parts of the country as well as Scotland.

We had a new class this year.  In memory of his wife, Jean, Richard Jackson donated a lovely trophy, plus medal to be kept, for “The Most Glamorous Handler and Dog”.  Jean (and Richard), who had many rescue sams throughout her life, was a good friend to rescue and always took care of her appearance.  The worthy winner of this trophy was Frances with Daisy.


Waggiest Tail  – Tara
Best Groomed – Daisy
Best behaved with handler  – Ginny
Best Brace – Bear and Meesha
Sausage race – Nico
Most Biscuit – Doc
Happiest Face – Leila
Non samoyed dog – Peddie
Best 6 legs – Mishka
Non rescue samoyed – Kalik
Musical chairs – Sammi & Nico (Joint)
Fancy Dress – Tara
Junior Handling (up to 11) – Jaya
Junior Handling (12-16) – Oscar
Exhibitor travelling longest Distance – Daisy (Scotland)
Best Rescue Bitch – Cassie
Best Rescue Dog – Kai
Best Rescue Puppy – Sadie
Best Rescue Veteran – Flossie
Best Rescue Super Veteran – Flossie
Best Rescue Exhibit – Cassie

A huge thank you to all of you who supported us on the day, raising £1,400.00 for rescue.

Thank you to our Judge, Peter Matfin, and everyone who helped in every capacity to make the event a success.  The event could not happen without you.  Anne’s cake stall, as usual, was a huge success – sold out. People put in their orders each year for her delicious chocolate cake.  A new stall this year was Liz with her hand sculptured furry Samoyeds.  This was also very popular and she nearly sold out.  Thank you to everyone – too numerous to mention each of you by name.

Our next get together will be a morning walk (ranger-led) in Sankey Valley Country Park, St. Helens, Lancs., followed by another fun afternoon.  Date to be fixed but possibly August/September.  WATCH THIS SPACE.

Next year’s rally is on the 13th May 2012 at the same venue in Overseal.  Hope to see you there.  If you had an enjoyable day this year, please spread the word.

From our rally judge

I travelled last weekend (8th May 2011) down to Overseal in Derbyshire, to judge the Samoyed Society Rescue Rally, the weather was kind to us, and I hope you all had a lovely day and enjoyed yourselves as much as I did, I believe 90 dogs plus attend, which was great, I wish I had, had more rosettes to give out to everyone, so everyone got something, it was a wonderful day, we all did have fun, didn’t we, there was one part of the show which did make me laugh, the sausage race, the steward told me to keep out the way, as there’s a chance I could be knocked off my feet, when the dogs and owners are running back from the table, mind he was right, I stood behind the fence out of the way, on a different note, You are the important one’s, the dogs are a credit to you all, and I take my hat off to you, the rescue dogs have a safe and happy home with you all, and that’s what its all about, My Wife and I, do the home checks for Brenda in the North East & Northumberland, and it breaks my heart at some of the cases that are dealt with, so please, please keep up the good work, and god bless you all, you’re all wonderful. lastly, thank you to Ray & Ian who stewarded for me, they did the hard work, also John Lockett for the work with the trophies and cups, and keeping on top with the awards, and a big thank you to Brenda & John her husband for asking me to come down, after all, they work all year to put this event on, and they also do countless hours of work back at home with Rescue. Judge Peter Matfin Of Ashlantie Samoyeds Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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