Pesco’s Story

Pesco was found abandoned in a barn, found only by chance by a man walking his dog’s. He was found with three other puppies, only one of which survived. We took him to the vet for a checkup and he gave him a cocktail of injections and asked to see him again in two week’s time, and was very surprised when we arrived with him two week’s later.

He said Pesco was very poorly and he didn’t expect him to survive. He was very undernourished being so young at eight week’s old. We had another Samoyed at the time called Corey, we are sure he had a lot to do with his survival, and he was with us for another thirteen years.

Pesco was a timid and nervous dog due to his bad start in life, but he was a great character. He would start arguments with other dog’s but if the going got tough he would get behind Corey as if to say, right BRO.sort this one out for me. They were inseparable and Corey played a big part in Pesco’s remarkable recovery.

There are many tales I could tell about Pesco, how he would bury his Yorkshire pudding in the garden, as long as no one was watching, and how he decided one day to transplant some plants put into the garden into the washing machine. On a day out at Carsington waters, we came across a girl sat on a bank reading a book, Pesco decided to run up to the girl, the book went over her head and she followed the book backwards down the bank, needless to say, we had to do a lot of apologizing that day.

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