Quinn’s Story

I will never forget the day I first met my best pal, I was four years old, sitting in the back of dad’s car feeling like I would burst with excitement.

As we pulled into the Service Station somewhere near Birmingham, from across the car park I heard loud barking.  It was a cold and damp morning, but when I saw the big white ball of fluff approaching me it was as if the sun had come out.  I couldn’t believe my luck when the most fantastic dog I had ever seen raced towards me jumping all over me and licking my face.

Throughout the two hour drive home, I couldn’t take my eyes off Quinn, he looked so innocent and fragile and seemed to understand me when I told him I loved him.

Quinn has been my best friend for ten years now, over the years we have played together, run together and often got into trouble together.  It’s hard to imagine what my childhood would have been like without him.

Mum explained that Quinn was a rescue dog and that a lady called Brenda had made it possible for us to have him.

Thank you to Brenda and the Samoyed Rescue Team, you really have made a difference.

Jake Fisher (Aged 14}


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