Sasha’s Story

In March 2005 I made a long journey in several cars with some very kind people to my new home. My new Mum and Dad were delighted to see me. They had just recently talked to Brenda about sharing their home with a Samoyed. Two years earlier their beloved Snowy had died. Having eventually recovered from their loss, they were ready to find another Samoyed to love.
  I’m afraid I was a lot of hard work at first. I was eighteen months old but no-one had taught me how to live in a house. I didn’t understand about going outside to the toilet and I thought when I was left for a short time I was being abandoned and cried! I got really anxious and chewed things too. I destroyed my Dad’s good camera! It took me a long time to learn to do things properly, but Mum says it was worth it. It gave Dad the opportunity to get a digital camera for the first time!
  I had lots of things to learn, but Mum knew I was very fond of food, so she gave me treats when I did the right things. I was underweight, so it didn’t matter that I gained a few pounds! Now Mum says I am the best dog ever! I enjoy my walks and usually come when called unless I have chased a squirrel up a tree! I’m not one for toys (you can’t eat them!) but I love my rawhide chews and visiting with my people and dog friends on my walks.
  My Grandad has recently gone to live in a Care Home and I like to go and visit as all the old people smile at me and cuddle me. It’s great to have so much attention!
  I had a bit of a setback last year. I started to itch all over and had sore places that started on the edges of my ears and went all the way down to my tail. I scratched my ear so much I needed surgery. My ear has ended up being a bit wonky, but everyone says it’s very cute! The Vet tried all sorts of medicines and diets, but the diets upset my tummy. Mum was really upset and talked to Brenda and other dog owners and the lady at the pet store. Eventually, she tried me on a wheat and rice free diet and now I’m better than ever! I don’t have to take medicine anymore and my fur coat is thick and luxurious. I have to be careful about people wanting to give me treats, but Mum always has plenty of the right kind! Santa knew about my diet too and my stocking was full of yummy things!
  I’m really glad I made that long trip all those years ago.
Thank you, Brenda and all the people at Rescue, Sasha xx

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