Shabby’s Story

Hi, my name is Shabby, I live on the South coast with my mum Pam. I came to the Samoyed Rescue Society from the Far East, my original family took me out there but it was far too hot for me and I soon started to have a lot of health problems they decided to contact a rescue and find me a good home back here.

When I first met my new mum I was quite ill and had lost most of my coat as you will see from the pictures

I am sure it was quite a shock for her but it didn’t seem to put her off, she got me to the vet and I soon started to feel a whole lot better though I did have some long-term problems but she takes care of all that for me.

I soon settled in and became quite naughty, stealing people’s picnics in the summer, racing into the middle of a bowls tournament, demanding attention wherever I went and making my presence felt! I went into a sweet shop with mum and helped myself to some sweets off the shelf and on a visit to a florist I stole a furry rabbit from a shelf – which fortunately the assistant thought was funny and let me keep it.

I still get lots of attention when we’re out which I love.  I’ve never known a dog who gets as much attention as me.  I can’t get more than a few yards without someone stopping to ask about me and make a fuss of me.  I’ve had loads of people having their photos taken with me.  It’s great!!

In February this year when it snowed I had the most wonderful time.  I was like a puppy chasing the falling snow and running after snowballs and generally ruining the children’s snowmen!!.

It was soon after that that I started to get ill again. My mum took me to the vet and I was diagnosed with Diabetes, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t see very well and I get a little confused now and bump into things, I hate to go out in the dark because I don’t know where I am. I also have arthritis which is getting worse and can be very difficult, I often fall down. I used to love going in the car with mum but it hurts now, it’s hard getting in and out and mum gets really upset but it’s only because she loves me so much. I still love playing with my toys though, and barking for my dinner and generally getting attention and making my presence felt.

Pam, my mum, says “He’s such a special dog and I’m so grateful he came into my life as he’s given me so much pleasure.”



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