Shadow’s Story

This lovely boy, Shadow, was found walking the streets of a large Midlands city and initially re-homed to a lovely family who already had a rescued Samoyed and another, smaller dog.
Unfortunately, Shadow did not get on with the small dog and to restore sanity a new home had to be quickly found. He now lives with two other rescue Samoyeds, Tasha and Snow, and as you can see from the photo is more than happy with the arrangement.

That was six years ago and Shadow has continued to develop into a lovely dog. He is not a fussy eater and will try anything put in front of him of the edible kind and an added bonus is that despite having a good appetite he is not a “chewer”.

He loves his toys – happily playing for hours with them – and gets on well with all humans; small or fully grown. He usually does get on well with most dogs but can be sensitive to others; not in a nasty aggressive way but by barking sufficiently loud and long to deafen those having the misfortune to be stood nearby.  There is no logical pattern to which type of dog he takes offence to; be it breed, gender or size – but then why should we expect logicality from a Samoyed?

He also is an excellent athlete. If there were to be an Olympic class for fence jumping, he would win it paws down. Even a six-foot version holds no fears and this has caused some highly amusing but worrying moments for those who own him. Only by constant monitoring have his high jumping exploits being curtailed.
His only dislike is like that of all human boys of his age. Yes, he hates being bathed but doesn’t he come up well when he has been?



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