Spirit’s Story

My name is Spirit and I am four years old. I was brought to the Society as my owner was not looking after me properly. I was being fed leftover human food and I was not on a suitable diet and was overweight due to the lack of exercise I was getting. I was taken in by a lovely member of the SRS last year who found me a young couple in the Wirral where I was taken for long walks at the seaside and where I could run through woodland areas every day. It took me a few months to settle in, but gradually I got happier and happier. They put me on a special biscuit diet, so I am now the right weight and can run twice as fast as I could last year and play with the other dogs without collapsing or getting tired! I am very spoilt and regularly go and see Julie, my groomer, as well as getting lots of fuss and treats of my family and those we meet on walks. I get on much better socially with other dogs now as I see them every day at the park, beach and walks. My mum, dad, and cat, Mr Jynx, love me very much and I love my new home which is full of love (and I big garden for me to play in ? ).

Thank you, SRS for finding me a loving home!

I’ve sent some photos as well, you can click on any one of them to see a bigger picture. I hope you enjoy them.

Love Spirit





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