Tara’s Story

Meet Tara!
She was rescued by the “Friends of the Animals” group from a Welsh puppy farm where she was being used indiscriminately as a breeding bitch – her last litter being from an English Sheepdog!

Not surprisingly, she was in a very poor state and was taken to an interim point at Derby to start her return to normality and then re-homed in East Yorkshire. Unfortunately, that did not work out but when Brenda Walker and Samoyed Rescue became involved she was soon moved to a very loving household where she joined another rescued Sam, Leila in Feb 2009.

It must have seemed to Tara that she had gone to heaven and she rewarded her new parents with an award won at dog training classes.

If Tara has a weakness it is that she loves her food; probably as a result of the dreadful conditions that she had endured in Wales. The trouble is that to Tara everything that goes in her mouth is food and this ranges from wood to tissues.

It was probably this that just over two years ago caused her to contract Hepatitis. After some excellent veterinary care and a lot of TLC at home, she has made a full recovery though is on constant daily medication and a specialist diet.

Sadly, in October last year, she lost her best friend Leila. Leila was over fourteen when she passed over the Rainbow Bridge; a remarkable age for a Sam, especially one who had been rescued.
If you are lucky enough to meet Tara, you will wonder how she has such a beautiful temperament after all she has been through. She has the classic Sam smile the gorgeous brown eyes and with the love and attention she is now receiving will be with us for a good few years yet.

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