The Story of Bonnitta and Po

Bonnitta came to me late October 2011.  Much mystery surrounded her and of her past and why she needed to be re-homed.  She is a lovely natured dog and we think she is about 6 years of age. Bonnitta settled in quickly to her new home and has been on a diet to shed a few pounds and it’s paid off.  She has become more lively and enjoys running around after her new playmate Po.

Po.  Well, what can I say.  He is a 9-year-old who was given up by a family just 4 weeks ago.  Again for mysterious reasons.  He is a loving dog who has recently undergone surgery to remove 2 tumours and he has bounced back to be a wonderfully natured sammy.  Both he and Bonnitta are best of friends but Bonnitta is the boss.

I have had rescue Samoyeds for many years and have been so lucky to have had such wonderful companions over the years.
Why have a Samoyed?  Well, they are fantastic dogs, loving and loyal and, most of all, my best friends.

Once you’ve had a Samoyed there will be no other breed of dog for you.  I am rewarded time and time again by my pals, so a big thank you to my wonderful sams.

Bonnitta and Po

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